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Instagram will not show likes under posts: who benefits from this

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In November, Instagram began to disable the display of likes under publications in Russia - now only authors see them.

Prior to this, the update was tested in seven countries, and the total number of hearts under the posts decreased on average by 15-20%.

Why Instagram hides likes

On social networks, hiding the display of likes was commented as follows: "We want your friends to focus on the photos and videos that you share, and not on how many likes they get."

One of the most important aspects of this step is the company calls care about the "mental health" instagrazhdan. No wonder, because in 2017 Instagram was recognized as a social network contributing to the development of depression.

What Instagram Account Owners Say

Oddly enough, top foreign bloggers support disabling the display of likes. For example, Kim Kardashian (151 million subscribers) believes that this is useful for the psyche.

Among the stars, there are opposing opinions - Nikki Minaj (108 million subscribers) refused to post anything, because "without likes, it makes no sense." But in the end, the poet’s soul could not stand it and continues to publish shock content.

Content quality goes to a new level

When the user does not see how many people clicked on the heart under the publication, he does not focus on the reaction of the majority, but makes his own decision: whether he likes the publication or not. A person puts free instagram likes under interesting posts, therefore, low-quality content will stop receiving likes only because the author of the post has rolled up several thousand likes right after publication.

There is just the opposite opinion - the quality of the content will decrease, because the account holder will not care what to publish, because no one will see that there are few likes. This opinion is incorrect, because under dubious publications there will either be dissatisfied comments or there will be no comments at all. Users will not respond to what they are not interested in.

What bloggers do now

The blogger still remains visible to all the number of subscribers and comments through which you can consider the approximate coverage and ER. But the question is: what will a blogger do if Instagram hides the number of subscribers?

The normal option is to start sharing business risks and working on a CPA (cost per action) scheme, that is, receive money for a specific result. For example, he brought 100 new customers to the company - received his partner contributions. Yes, it’s more difficult than buying likes and taking money for no reason, but if a blogger learns how to submit real applications, he will be contacted again and again.

Hide likes - the expected social network policy that wants to get rid of cheating and show users what is interesting and important. In August, Vkontakte tested the same thing, in September - Facebook.

Bloggers who win likes lose after such innovations. Accounts with interesting and useful content will earn more, as well as a business that buys ads in such accounts.